Silica Energy


​The world's first hydro-silica dissolved from crystals (soluble solution) for both consumption and external use.



Silica is one of the most abundant elements in the universe and is fundamental to the body and skeletal structure of each and every one of us.

We can get silica from the meals we eat daily but they ahve insufficient amount of silica needed as our diet does not provide enough nutrients for better health.

​Silica Energy contains 99.9% refined Silica crystals and pure water from Mt Kirishima, Japan.

It is an ideal combination of silica and water to help manage your health and wellness.





​Consumption and external use

Cell regeneration

Improves blood circulation

Strengthens joints, teeth, hair and nails

Enhances skin's elasticity and firmness

Moisturizes naturally

Increases immune system

Lessens headache and hangover


Silica and the Body



​Water-soluble Silica exists in the human body. In the human body, we have around 29ppm of Silica which influences the level of immunity, maintaining skin temperature and collagen regeneration for bones, nails and hair.



Silica has shown as an important element to human health through activation properties on the cell membranes and even more specifically on the mitochondria. It's not a metal but a mineral similar to water in its tetrahendral structure as shown above.

The test below shows how Silica Energy added in water prevents oxidation of nails after 31 days (1 month).



Effects of Silica in the Body


​The reason that essential nutrients, oxygen and hormones is unable to penetrate in the human body (with brain, skin and organ cells) is due to cholesterol and layers of fat within the blood vessels.

Cholesterol congeals the blood by oxidising the blood itself and narrowing the walls of the blood vessels, resulting in diseases such as high blood pressure and stroke. Silica makes it easy to eliminate the bad cholesterol and waste from our body due to its ability to melt it away from the blood vessels.


When cholesterol cannot be removed easily from intravascular injury by glucose-spike, it will then producde a clump of waste. It disturbs the blood flow by narrowing capillaries further.


Silica Energy Water Formula




​Silica plays an important role in the immune system and the inflammatory response as it is necessary for the manufacturing process of antibodies/ antigens. Silica also decreases swelling due to its positive effects on the lumphatic system. It prevents oxidation of the intestines and eliminates the waste matter fro mthe body by strengthening the capillary blood vessels so it can bring nutrients to the rest of the body.