Platinum Diamond Photon



​Advanced and Effective results in healing your body and DNA cells naturally.


​Platinum Light of Life



​Light of Life means "Energy that grows and protects life" and the sun is an example. From micro organisms such as planktons to human beings, all creatues on earth benefits from the sun.

The sun and water made the earth a planet rich with life. Within the sun light includes rays such as far-infrared rays, critical to our body.



Only 4-14um waves -the most useful waves- among the far-infared rays spectrum are the optimal wavelength of Light of Life.



​PDP Light of Life vs Sauna Treatment



​PDP rays effectively radiates through the body, generating a steady rise in temperature, thus increasing blood circulation and prevent blood coagulation.



​How important is body temperature?

An increase in body temperature by 1°C improves immune system by more than five times

A decrease in body temperature by 1°C lowers immune system by 30%