Hydrogen Water Generator

Generate your own Hydrogen water right at the comfort of your own home or office. Our vision is for everyone to have access to Hydrogen water, the most effective water of all time. Make every drop of water in your body count. Did you know? Our generator is the only one in the market that retains 90% of the dissolved Hydrogen within 24hours.

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7Smile Detox

Improve your bowel movements and immune system with 7smile Detox supplements after every two meals.

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Chang Min Cai

Your supplement for highest omega-3, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

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Molten Sea Salt

Molten Sea Salt is the world’s 99.9% pure sea salt from the western sea of Korea. The finest quality of salt without impurities for your recommended sodium intake, filtered using the latest refinement technology. Make in Korea.

Silica Energy

The world's fire hydro-silica dissolved from crystals from Mt Kirishima, Japan. The ideal combination of silica and water to help manage your health and wellness.

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Hydrogen Pills

The most powerful antioxidant in tablet form. Produces Molecular Hydrogen in your body. Also increases your calcium and magnesium intake.

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HUREX Shampoo

TDS HUREX Born Hair Shampoo prevents hair loss and volumizes your hair using chemical-free natural extracts.

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AQUA Hair Dye Cream

AQUA Hair Colour Treatment includes conditioning your hair and is chemical-free, which makes it stand out from other hair dyes.

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PDP Light of Life

Platinum Diamond Photon (PDP) uses nano-technology that has safe infra-red rays penetrated to you most effectively, dissolving any signs of blood clotting and giving your blood circulation it requires.

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