Beyond Alkaline Water

Antioxidant is in the Hydrogen

With our bodies exposed to free-radicals everyday, antioxidants are necessary to prevent them from causing fast-aging and various health risks. Hydrogen molecules are able to latch onto free-radicals, neutralise them and flush them out of the body. Hydrogen is the smallest and lightest molecule, and in water, it enables itself to penetrate through small matter, thus able to reach further into the organs and reach to the farthest free-radicals in our body.

Hydrogen is already present in your drinking water (H2O), but is it enough?

May 14, 2019

Salt Role in the Brain

In the human body, a bulk of the usage of sodium and carbohydrates occur in the brain. The brain is responsible for 50% and 20% of […]
May 13, 2019


🌿 ABOUT CHANG MIN CAI 🌿 Did you know that CHANG MIN CAI is Purslane? Purslane is usually known as weed that grows on desired plants but it’s […]
May 13, 2019

Cheong Guk Jang, Korean Natto!

CHEONG GUK JANG / 청국장 Korean fermented soybean powder, full of enzymes and nutritious properties that can benefit your body through the following; ◾ Improves digestion […]


There is a Hydrogen Water Generator machine from Japan that uses the same brand name, and we would like to clarify that that machine is not from us.

Lourdes Hydrogen Water Generator is made in Korea and we will continue to supply Lourdes Hydrogen Water Generator with its original and patented technology.